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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hakuouki SSL (Sweet School Life) ~ Episode 4

Hakuouki SSL (Sweet School Life) ~ Episode 4 [The One I Should Protect], Runtime: 25 minuntes

Kyoto, 1864

The episode recaps the same night of the rescue of Chizuru, who was taken hostage by a group of ronin, by the Shinsengumi.  They rush down the street and stop when their leader gives a signal.
"This is the place," says Hijikata .  "This is where those criminals are hiding."

They storm inside.  "The Shinsengumi have arrived!"  (TN: Will never tire of this shot....)

Hijikata:  Even if it costs me my life, I will protect Yukimura....  I will definitely protect her!

Saito: This is something the Shinsengumi must do....

Heisuke:  Chizuru....  I'm going to rescue Chizuru!  I absolutely will... I will get you safely out of here!

Chizuru:  If we existed in some other time different that this one... would our fates be any different?

Harada:  Any bastard who dares harm Chizuru, don't care who the hell ya are, we will not forgive you!

Harada drives his spear into someone, making a squishy sort of sound.
"I told you, don't worry!" says someone in the background.

Okita: My precious Chizuru-chan...  yes...that's right... that's why... that's why...

"Chizuru-chan," he says gently when he sees her trapped in a corner behind Heisuke.  "Let me protect you."
He leans over the railing to Heisuke.  "Take Chizuru-chan out of here first."  (TN: Wut? But you just said---)
"I know!" says Heisuke, but he seems to be struggling with his much bigger opponent.  He turns to Chizuru.  "Go!"

Chizuru finds her legs and dashes behind him, heading towards the door.  She is startled when she sees another ronin charge at Harada with a loud battle cry.  She suddenly forgets to run.

Harada turns to see someone approaching her.  "Look out!" he shouts.  All the members of the Shinsengumi pause at the urgency in his voice and watch in horror as someone stabs her with a kodachi.   (TN: don't know why he chose his short blade, but maybe he was disarmed earlier? Or maybe a katana would be overkill... But who stabs a girl in a sword fight? She's not armed!)  The thrust takes her breath away and she is too shocked to scream.  (O_O )

Everyone in the room freezes.  She gasps for air.
Harada viciously slices her assailant in half.

Modern Day, 2015

On a wall of Hakuo Academy a sign reads [ 7 days until the Cultural Fair!]  The students of Class 1-1 discuss their plans as Ryunosuke takes charge of the meeting with Harada-sensei watching on.
"The inside of the cafe will be decorated.  Let everyone confer how they're going to do it, but make it a little more feminine."
"Like how a guy thinks a girl's room should look like?" (TN: b/c you've never been in one, virgin?)
"I'm sure there are differences of opinion on that topic between guys and girls," Chizuru says doubtfully.
"So tomorrow let's confirm the idea one more time," suggests the class representative.
"Oh, one more thing," she presents her sketch pad to them.  "For the maid costume, let's go with this."

Flashback to the last episode where a half naked Hijikata was advising her on the specs for the dress.  (TN: In RL, Hijikata Toshizo was known around Kyoto to be very well dressed.... maybe he's channeling his inner Tim Gunn)
"It's good!  It's good!" say the guys in unison.
"So we don't upset members of the Disciplinary Committee I changed it up a little bit.  I can make this."
"Then, we leave it to you," says another classmate.  "If we made it, it might look a little weird."  They all laugh together.
"It'd be really ugly," laughs another.  He points to himself, "This is also really ugly."  Everyone laughs again.  (TN: Japanese comedy)
"I can also make everyone else's costumes," Chizuru volunteers.

Harada interrupts, "Even though I don't think there's anything wrong with this costume design, but just to be safe,  we should run this by the Disciplinary Committee advisor, Hijikata-san."  She hands over her note pad to Harada-sensei.
"Thank you very much," she smiles.  Her smile is infectious and he smiles back at her.

It's evening at the Yukimura residence and Chizuru brings a serving tray into her room for her friends.
"Here are your snacks!"
"Thanks so much, Chizuru-chan," says Sen.  (TN: Sen-hime was a demon princess of a Kyoto based clan.  Her clan is in tact and her lineage as old as Yukimura Chizuru's.  Chizuru is the princess of a fallen demon clan)
"Sorry to put you through the trouble," the other girl adds.
"Don't worry about it," says Chizuru.  "I haven't seen you two in such a long time, Sen, Kosuzu.  I'm really happy!"  (TN: Kosuzu is Ryonosuke's love interest in both the anime and the Reimeiroku game)

"How's life at a private academy?" asks Sen.
"Yup.  The teachers and students really look after me," replies Chizuru.
"But getting back to the point, Chizuru-chan," says Kosuzu, "doesn't Ibuki-kun attend Hakuo Academy?"
"Yes.  He's in my class."
"REALLY?" she shouts.  "Then, do you have his picture??"
"Picture...?  Ah!  I have a group photo of our class."  She reaches over to her phone and opens up the home screen to reveal Harada and her classmates posing.  "There he is," she points.

"That's him!  Ibuki-kun!" smiles Kosuzu.
"That's your sensei?!  He's so cool looking!" exclaims Sen.
"Chizuru-chan!  Next time invite me over to see Ibuki-kun, won't you?"  Chizuru is speechless.  Sen changes the subject.
"Actually, we were harassed by a band of ruffians a while ago.  But Ibuki-kun, who was just passing by, took care of them quite decidedly.  It was this guy, Ibuki-kun."
"Eh...this Ibuki-kun?" points Chizuru.
"Even though his legs were trembling something fierce at the time," adds Sen.
"That just goes to show he's a courageous man, doesn't it?" asks Kosuzu.  She turns to Chizuru.  "Come on!  Chizuru!  Pretty please!"
"Eh, heh, heh, heh...." Chizuru laughs nervously.

Back on the roof of the school Heisuke is making short work of some Pocky sticks.  He STILL can't get over the fact that Hijikata walked Chizuru home.
"UGH..." he sighs in frustration.  "If this continues it's gonna be all weird.  But even now I can't seem to stop it."

He sighs.  Someone sighs after him.
He turns to see Nakagura sitting on a bench further away.
"Right now for the first time I actually regret being a teacher," he laments.
"Why do you say that?"
"My class is hosting a haunted house event for the school cultural festival."
"Ah, Shinpachi-san, you've had this phobia from a long time ago."  Nakagura sighs heavily.
"But, is this something normal people would regret being a teacher over?"
"To be worried over something like this... another wouldn't be able to take this seriously."  He walks over and takes his Pocky. (TN: The nerve!)

"Scoot over."  Nagakura sits next to him.  "What's wrong with you?" he asks.  "Sitting alone here sighing to yourself.'
"Heisuke," says Nagakura frankly.  "Is something bothering you?"

Meanwhile, Chizuru is reading her notes and making her way down the stairs at school.
"I need to go to the marketplace to buy the materials.  Would they sell plastic boards though?
As she's talking to herself a voice booms out.
"My bride," says Kazama.  She turns to see him at the top of the steps.
"Kazama-senpai!"  HE makes his way slowly down the steps.
"After dining together, we meet again, my wife."
"Dining...?"  She thinks back to the time he sat in front of her for lunch.  "Oh, you mean in the cafeteria!"

"I heard your class is going to present a maid cafe."
", yes, that's true."
"So you must be wearing a maid uniform?" he asks.
"Yes, I will."
Kazama smiles.  "Then let me give you one."
"Listen to me with pleasure.  Let me give one to you, one worthy of my family name my bride will inherit; the most exquisite maid uniform."
"In exchange," he takes her hand.  "Let me be the only one to see you wear it."  (TN: kinky....)  He leans in.  "Do you understand?"

She just stares at him blankly.

"Kazama," calls out Shiranui.  He and Amagiri appear at the top of the steps.  "Don't go running off like that."
"We have searched long for you," says Amagiri.  "If we are to finish the Student Council work done on time, it would be a hardship."
"Don't get in my way, you guys.  Once they hear the news my bride was going to be wearing a maid outfit, all the boys will be squirming in their seats."

"Um..." Chizuru interrupts.   "Though it makes me grateful that you would be so considerate..."
"Isn't it, though?!" Kazama exclaims happily and rushes up towards her.  "Chizuru, my bride... be my exclusive maid."  (TN:  Rated "M" for Mature...)
"I can't," she answers politely.
"This is my homeroom's event, so it's wouldn't do that only the Student Council president gets to see it."  She bows.  "I'm sorry!"

Kazama looks like he's about to cry and his minions carry him off.
"That's too bad, Kazama," says Shiranui.
"Let us depart, Kazama-sama," says Amagiri.

"Yukimura," calls out Harada-sensei from the top of the stairs.
"Harada-sensei!" she greets.

Back on the roof, Heisuke is trying to explain himself.
"It's not really bothering me," he says to Nagakura.  "It's just something that I can't seem to think through."
"Is it one of those problems where you don't understand it, so nothing is clear kind of thing?" asks Nagakura.
"Yeah, that feels about right."
"So it's like that.  It might be better to stop thinking about it at all."
"Stop thinking?"
"You're the type that acts intuitively rather than spends his time thinking about it, right?  When you're anxious, the more you think, the more frustrated you become.  That in turn brings about more troublesome things, and that causes more agitation.  That's how it is."
"Yeah.  Truth," says Heisuke.

Nagakura gets up and smacks him on the arm.
"That hurt!"
"Although I don't know what it is in particular, just try going with your gut.  Compared with haunted houses, I still like being a teacher.  Hahaha.  I'm out."  He walks off.
"Sure," says Heisuke, feeling better after their "man talk."
"It's no use if I keep moping about it," Heisuke says to the sky.

In the faculty office, Itou-sensei is designing a poster for the school festival.
"Is Harada not here?" asks Hijikata as he enters.
"Ara.  If you're looking for Harada-sensei, he said he had to step out for a bit.  He just left in fact.  Why, what's up?"
"Nothing really.  I just wanted to discuss the modifications to the maid cafe uniform."  He looks down at Chizuru's sketch and it seems Harada drew a pair of gym pants on the maid.  O_o

"Ah, I heard Harada-sensei's class wanted to present a maid cafe stand.  If Yukimura-san wears a maid uniform I'm sure she'd look very cute."  He says it almost jealously.  Hijikata seem uncomfortable and instead looks down at the sketch.
"Itou-sensei," says Hijikata, "it seems the program is almost ready."
"Ara, before I am an art teacher I am an artist," Itou responds. "No, I am an artist."  (TN:  Itou uses the word "artist" in English as a pun on the word "artist" in Japanese) "I would never do anything halfway."
"I recall last year someone couldn't make it in time and completely missed the Hakuo festival..." begins Hijikata.  "Who was that?" he asks menacingly.

Itou gets on his hands and knees and begs for forgiveness.  "Forgive me, Hijikata-san!  This year I, Itou Kashitarou, will absolutely, with complete devotion, wholeheartedly complete it.  Please wait a bit longer, sir!"  He strikes a pose (TN: he freezes on the ground in a pose) and Hijikata just walks away without a word and before Itou notices he's already left.

Harada and Chizuru go shopping at the outdoor mall together for supplies for the event.
"Thank you so much for helping me!" Chizuru says.
"It's nothing.  But seriously, you bought a lot of stuff," says Harada, holding several bags himself.
"Is it all related to the maid uniform?"
"No, not all of it.  The bags you're holding have to do with the interior decorations."  (TN: Why are they making Chizuru do all the work?)  "Ibuki-kun will come with me to get the remaining table settings and related paraphernalia."
"I see.  Then, I guess I'll take these back to school.  You can go ahead and go home."
"Is that ok?"
"Ah, see you," says Harada.  She bows and starts to head off when she hears a loud crash down the side street Harada just took.

"Omigosh!  Are you alright?" asks Chizuru rushing to his side.  He's spilled out the contents of his bag all over the floor.  "Are you alright?" she asks again as they gather the items from the ground and accidentally bump heads and then break into laughter.
"Man, what luck," he chuckles.
"I'll help you clean up this side," she offers while giggling.
"That's fine."
"There a lot that fell out from here," she comments. From a distance Saito observes and feels a bit uneasy.

"What is this?  Why is my heart pounding?"  He hand goes to his chest.   "What's with this uneasy feeling...uneasy...uneasy...."  He trails back down the steps backwards.

Back in the Student Council room, Kazama pounds a hand on the wall next to Chizuru's picture.
"My bride, what is it that I can give you?  What kind of surprise can I give you?"
"You should give up," suggests Shiranui.
"Don't blame me for being frank," says Amagiri.  "Giving someone a gift as a bribe to win over their affections is rather abject behavior."  Shiranui nods in agreement.  Kazama merely pouts more.

Meanwhile, Harada-sensei has made it back to school with his homeroom's festival materials.
"Oh, Harada," says Hijikata from the top of the steps.  "I've been waiting."
"Hijikata-san," greets Harada, lugging the bags over his shoulder as he clears the stairs.
"What's with all the stuff?"
"These are our class' maid cafe decorations," Harada replies.  "I went shopping with Yukimura."
"With Yukimura?" Hijikata asks angrily.
"What's with that reaction?

"What? Tch, idiot. What reaction?"  He points down the hallway. "Let's head over there and talk."  
"As the one responsible for our homeroom class, I accompanied her so she wouldn't be molested by unsavory people," prods Harada.  "That's why I went."
"If there are guys who would actually do that, that would be unforgivable," Hijikata comments darkly.
"Are you saying that from purely an educational administrator's point of view?" smirks Harada.
Hijikata turns on him.  "Shut up! What are you implying?"  He walks off in a huff and Harada just has an amused expression on his face.

Cutscene:  Ryunosuke and Chizuru are waiting by a fountain.
"Yukimura," says Ryunosuke dejectedly, "Let's just go home."
"We're already here, what are you talking about?" she demands.  "They're a pair of really good girls."
"I didn't save them so I could be introduced to girls," he responds.  Ryunosuke gets up to leave.
"Hey! Wait up!  That's fine. We can just go shopping for the rest of the tableware for the maid cafe."
He grumbles.

"Chizuru-chan!" calls out her friends Kosuzu and Sen.   Kosuzu hides behind and Sen says, "Hey, properly introduce yourself."
"Kosuzu-chan," says Chizuru, "Let me introduce him to you.  This is my classmate, Ibuki-kun."  She pushes him ahead of her.
"H-Hey," he says shyly, with a little bow.
"I'm Suzuka Kosuzu," she responds shyly.
"I'm her older (foster) sister, Suzuka Sen," Sen introduces herself confidently.  "It's nice to meet you.'

Kosuzu beams at him and Ryunosuke shifts uncomfortably.  But soon they are both hitting it off very well.
"Ahahahahaha!" he laughs.  "Did you know?  The ocean sunfish' weakness is right here," he points to the front of his face.  (TN: wtf?)
"You don't say!" says Kosuzu, enchanted. "You know so many things!"
"And this is not something I learned in biology class," he says.  "It's something I heard from my art teacher!"  They laugh.

"Those two are getting along splendidly," comments Sen as she walks behind them with Chizuru.
"For sure.  Ibuki-kun and Kosuzu-chan seem really happy together.  That's good," agrees Chizuru.
"And what about you, Chizuru-chan?" asks Sen.
"Isn't it about time you found a guy you could also walk down the street with like this?"
"No," protests Chizuru.  "I haven't even thought about something like that."  They are suddenly interrupted by Ibuki calling out.

"What the hell, you guys?" he says threateningly.  They've walked right into a street gang, apparently.
"Ibuki-kun," says Chizuru with caution.  Dude with a blonde tipped mohawk steps forward.
"Was it this little shit that stuck his nose where it don't belong?" he asks.
"Yup," answers another.  "That's him."
"How's it goin', Your Highness?" asks another.  "We've been lookin' for ya."

"W-What the hell?" responds Ibuki nervously.  He gets pushed.
"Let's not cause a ruckus, nitwit," says one of the thugs.
"Who ya callin' nitwit, nitwit?" argues another.
"Move aside!" yells the leader, pushing the minions away.
"Hey," he smiles at Ryunosuke.
"What?" Ryunosuke asks nervously before he gets punched in the face.  The girls scream.
"Ryunosuke!" yells Chizuru.  Ryunosuke is down for the count.

"What's wrong?" shouts the leader at Ryunosuke's back, but Chizuru suddenly steps in front of him, shielding her classmate.
"What up, woman?" the leader asks.
"Pl-Please stop hitting him," she responds bravely.
"Move aside."
She holds her position.
"I SAID MOVE!" he shouts.  Chizuru flinches but slaps him hard on the cheek.
"What the hell?!" the other's shout but the leader holds up a hand to stop them.
"Go find help!  Hurry!" she yells to Kosuzu and Sen.  The girls dash off and the gang starts chasing but the leader stays them.

"Let them go," he says.  He turns to leer at Chizuru.
"I like you," he smiles.  He grabs her and pulls her away, and she struggles.
"Let go of me!" she cries. "Let go!!"  The others just laugh as they follow behind.  "Hey! I said let go!!" Chizuru continues to cry out.  Kosuzu is hiding behind the wall, holdig her hands to her ears but stays behind to make sure Ibuki is OK.  (TN: Awesome friend you are to forget your real friend who is being held hostage, or worse...)   Sen is the one who runs off to look for assistance.  She frantically finds no one around until she spots Harada-sensei and recognizes him from the photo.
"It's him!"
Harada stares at her curiously.

"Ibuki-kun!" she cries out, shaking him.  "Ibuki-kun! Ibuki-kun!!"  Ryunosuke wakes up in a daze with a cut lip.
"Are you alright?"
He shoots up.  "I..."  But he hangs his head and curses, "Shit."

Just then, Saito walks by.
"What happened? Ibuki?"
"Saito-senpai," he says desperately.

"Yukimura?!" demands Harada.
"Yes!" says Sen desperately.
"Where's Ryunosuke?" Harada asks.
"Over there!" she points.  In a flash they are both racing back to the scene.  As he runs, Harada calls someone on his cell phone.  No one picks up.
"Hurry up," he mutters under his breath.

Hijikata walks out of the administration office and picks up his cell.
"Oh, Harada. What's up?"
"Yukimura's run into some trouble," Harada explains while running.  "You said so before right, those types of guys can't be forgiven? Those are the guys who have her."
Hijikata hangs up and races out of the building.

Kosuzu is helping clean up his face but Ryunosuke just sits there dejectedly.
"Are you OK?" she asks quietly.
"Ryunosuke!" says Harada, catching up with him.
Ryunosuke stands up and looks ashamed.  "Harada-sensei.  I'm sorry."
"Where did those bastards take Yukimura?" Harada asks.
"Saito-senpai is currently pursuing them," he answers.    Harada looks down the alley and glowers.  (TN: I have to say I found Harada's actor pretty hot in this episode...) 

~End Episode 4~

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