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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Looking for my zen....

So I'm dreading this week, as I've said before.  But there's nothing like a little watercolor for meditation.

Here's my rendition of what it would be like for the "demon of the fleeting blossom" to watch the cherry blossoms with the "woman in the moon."  For those who have played the Hakuouki: Stories of the Shinsengumi game, you will understand the references.

Step 1: start with the doodle

Step 2: doodle with feeling

Step 3: tape up the doodle to fill background

Step 4: add a little moonlight

Step 5: and cherry blossoms

Step 6: remove tape

Step 7: add color

Step 8: add more color! (I liked Hijikata with longer hair so I did a hybrid style for a post-game look)

Hakuouki: In the Moonlight

Add some waka for good measure:  

By: Sanjo In (Emperor Sanjo)

Kokoro ni mo / Though I do not want 
Arade ukiyo ni / 
To live on in this floating world, 
Nagaraeba / 
If I remain here, 

Koishikaru beki / 
Let me remember only 
Yowa no tsuki kana / 
This midnight and this moonrise.


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    1. Thanks! I survived that hellish week... looking back I think daydreaming about Hijikata saved me...