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Friday, March 16, 2012

Gomenasai! (no new updates)

TN: I really wanted to post more this week, but all sorts of things happened (in real life) that took the time/energy and mindspace away from CHIHAYAFURU!!!!  It was so bad I had to go to an emergency happy hour with co-workers on Wednesday (and came home too buzzed and tired to work on translations) just to drown my sorrows in cocktails.... D-:

OMG, I was so mad this whole week, I was practically staring daggers at my boss.  Not only do I have to cover for a co-worker (whom I really dislike - totally b/c she is condescending and my junior) I have to do a major project for her file on Monday!  (She is on maternity leave) That means I will have no life and cannot work on my favorite CHIHAYAFURU because I come home late to finish my work and hers!  And she such a moron that her work is done so haphazardly that I feel as though I should just do it over so I don't look like a moron too in front of the client!!  And the boss loves her and treats her like a daughter because she has family connections with him... SIGH....

I had a MAJOR confrontation with my boss today and I told him if she were a competent worker, our team wouldn't have to scramble to clean up after her messes, and his playing favorites is lowering team morale.  I called her a selfish, unprofessional, condescending, lying nitwit and he just looked at me like I had gone insane....SIGH....

Somehow I feel like some of my co-workers indirectly set me up to be the one to tell him b/c they don't have the balls to do it....SIGH....

Being a grown-up is hard *sniff, sniff*  I may need to look for another job....  SIGH....

So sorry, I'm not in the mood for Chihayafuru right now  :-(  I hope I will be in the mood for it again soon, because I miss karuta!!  The real world stinks.  (boo hoo hoo)


  1. It's sad that i don't have any more chihayafuru this week but don't worry about that.

    Please doing the summary when you're feeling better.
    After all you're my only hope to find out what will happen next in chihayafuru
    I've japan raws up to volume 15 but just through picture i don't understand much and volume 16 is nowhere to be seen

  2. The real world does stink!! feel better!!!! *pats*

  3. Hang in there!!!! :)

  4. Thanks everyone, for the support. I'm feeling better after another happy hour and few more raspberry martinis with friends :-D I've done a few more pages of Chapter 55. Stay tuned!!

  5. take yout time buddy. Your doing it for enjoyment anyway. And we have already waited for Chihayafuru's releases for ages so no problem

  6. get your psyche up!! You can do it! We believe in you. :)) Cheer up!

  7. Being an オーエル (Office Lady) is hard, Kero! I can relate! So much stupid office politics getting in the way of efficiency and actual working. Unfortunately for office workers like us, nepotism trumps hard work! :-( But I hope you are recognized for everything you've done, and in the end she'll get what's coming to her because of karma. Look out for karma, it's a b*tch. :-D