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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chihayafuru Manga Synopsis: Vol. 10.1 (Chapter 54)

Chapter 54

Opening scene: a piece of paper that say's "You're it."

The members of the class are drawing lots to see who will go as their class' summer school trip representative.  Chihaya stares at the piece of paper in her hand with dismay.
"Who drew the paper that said they have to go as the class rep?" asks a class member.
"Thank goodness, I'm clear!" cheers another.
"I heard this year the reps are required to go to three meetings every week in the council room."
"What a load of crock," laughs another.
"Who is it?
"C'mon, be honest and get up here!"

"Ah," says Meat bun turning pale.  "Ayase...don't tell me--"
Suddenly, her friend Michiru snatches the paper out of her hand and calls out, "It...It looks like I'm it!"
"!"  Chihaya looks at her friend in shock.
"Ah, Michiru! The right person for the job!"
"I'm going to need everyone's cooperation," says Michiru.
"Mi...Michi-chan!" says Chihaya, trying to take the paper back.  "I'll go ahead and do it!  It's OK!"
"It's fine, Chi-chan!" insists Michiru, keeping the paper away from Chihaya.  "The karuta competitions are fast approaching, right?  Right now isn't the time for you to be class rep, right?"
Chihaya is speechless.
"In return," Michiru continues, "during the school's summer trip, you have to forget about karuta and come with me to make fun memories.
"Good luck in the regionals."

Chihaya begins to tear-up.

Meat bun, who is blushing while he coughs, pulls her aside and says, "Lately, I've been noticing that all girls aside from you, are really good sort of women...."
"(I know!)  I've been thinking the same thing, Meat bun-kun!" says Chihaya.

Cut scene:  Everyone stares as the beautiful Chihaya dressed in hakama and kimono returns the High School Regional Championship trophy to the overseers of this year's tournament.

Caption:  The season has come.  June... The National High School Championship, Tokyo Regional Tournament!

"Mashima-kun!" cries out Oe-san.  "I've missed you!"
"It's been a while, Mrs. Oe....Ri...Rieko-san," says Taichi rather uncomfortably.
"That's right!" says Oe-san.  "I'm Rieko!  You're getting more and more handsome!"  (TN: ...cougar...?)
"What is that Oe baa-san doing?!  (And what's with all those floating hearts?)" asks Sumire in disdain.
"Hanano-san, why are you still standing there?" demands Kana-chan.  "I still have to help you dress.  Go into the changing room now!"
"But, I'm just the alternate...."
"What are you talking about?" demands Kana.  "Hanano-kouhai, you're still a member of the Mizusawa Karuta Club, and all members of the club must wear traditional attire."

When Kana is done dressing her, Sumire marvels at how beautiful the clothes are and comments that this is her first time wearing traditional clothing.
"It's very beautiful.  I'm really happy," she blushes.  Sumire immediately pulls out her compact to check her hair and makeup.

At the start, I didn't think I'd get along with her...but feels like this is the first time a girl has joined the ranks of our karuta club.   (Chihaya is like one of the guys)  Kana proceeds to tell her to watch her sleeve when she raises her arm.

Cut scene:  Tsutomu, their strategist, checking the lists of participating schools and players ranking

This year, there are 14 participating schools.  We are in group A, along with Nishitaka and Hidetatsukan.  Awesome!  Last year's notes can still be used!  Tsutomu thinks.

He turns to Chihaya to start discussing the player's line-up when they are suddenly stampeded by Tsubuka's younger brothers exclaiming that she's a beautiful person.  They look exactly like him.
"W-what??!!  Genjitsu?  Dopplegangers?" Chihaya exclaims in surprise.
"Oh, I'm so sorry---" says Tsubuka, coming towards them.  "My apologies.  My family's motto is 'no matter what, when you see a beautiful person, you've gotta hit on them'...."
"Are you serious?" says Desktomu-kun on the side.
"T-triplets?" asks Chihaya.
"Nope," answers Tsukuba.  "They're each separated by one year! (11, 10 and 9 years old)"  (TN: O_o;)
"We're here to cheer on Big Bro!" they all cry out in unison.
"Bro! You look really cool!"
"It's like you're really handsome when you wear a hakama!" exclaims another.  Tsubuka proceeds to make his signature scary face, which all this brothers thinks is really cute.
"Just like the Ox Herder!" exclaims another.  (TN: In the story of the Ox Herder and Star Maiden they were said to be very handsome and beautiful individuals)
"So that expression is from the folk tale!  It looks just like it!" exclaims Chihaya.  (TN: ...WTH... O_o;)
"You've gotta be joking!" exclaims Desktomu-kun.
"Bro, will you be competing in the tournament?"
"Of course he is!" insists another sibling. "In latter verse karuta our team is undefeated and Big Bro is the attacking trump card!"
"So does that mean he's strong at Kanto style karuta as well?" asks the third.
"Of--Of course!" states Tsubuka.

Tsubuka then states he will use his strength in wooden karuta cards and transform it into power to win every single match.  His brothers look at him in awe since he is their hero.

He actually said something like that! thinks Desktomu-kun.  While practicing he never once beat any of the sophomores!

All the while, Tsubuka is thinking, There's no way they're going to let me participate!

Chihaya remembers Tsubuka's words, saying he wanted to become strong.

Cut scene: Meat bun and Taichi going over this year's competition rules

"What?  This year they're letting the top two regional schools represent Tokyo in the Nationals?"
"It says so right at the top that as long as they surpass 10 teams in the regionals they're eligible.  Last year 12 schools participated," comments Taichi.
"Wow!  That's good!  Now we can play a little easier!" says Meat bun.

Suddenly, Hiro-kun pirouettes in their direction (TN: O_o;;) and says, "It doesn't matter if it will be one or two representing Tokyo, Hokuo Academy will be victorious!" (sparkle, sparkle, shine, shine)

"........"  Meat bun and Taichi are speechless.  They decide to ignore him.
"I can't help but think that this year's Tsubuka-kun has an uncanny resemblance to Hiro-kun," says Meat bun.  "But I think Hiro-kun is still way weirder."
"That would be an insult to Tsubuka-kouhai," says Taichi.
"Hello! I'm right here and I can hear you!" says Hiro.  "Meat bun-kun, you're a good person.  You've already beaten Mashima-kun and yet you continue to let him be the club President.  This perpetually B ranked 'eyebrows-kun,'" says Hiro, talking smack.

Taichi twitches in annoyance.
"Perhaps he's been hiding it from you but this sorry bastard's participated in the Takushima and Kyoto tournaments!   Yet STILL, he remains a B rank!"
Taichi's about to pop a vein. He grabs Hiro by the collar and shakes him wildly.  "Aren't you the same!  Regardless of whether it's Takushim or Kyoto, you were also there as well....  Not being able to get into the A rank, we're the same, right??"

Hiro pushes him away.  "But, when it comes to team competitive karuta, we will obviously be the victor."
"Stop joking around!" says Taichi.  "Frankly, after Captain Sudo graduated, Hokuo's team is nothing to be afraid of."
"Yeah, yeah!" says Meatbun to the side.
Hiro smiles mischievously.  "If you're going to say things like that, wait until you see our final weapon before you say anything else."
Final weapon? Taichi and Meat bun-kun think simultaneously.
"I'll see you in the competition!" says Hiro before he leaves.

Cut scene: Chihaya returning the trophy in her hands

We fought together...and this was our very first prize.  At that time, we gave it our all...just looking straight ahead...

Announcer: "Last year's champion school is returning the winner's trophy."

She closes her eyes and lets it go.

Come back to us...and after that we'll walk towards the nationals.... Next, our dream is to become Japan's Number One!

Cut scene: Taichi going over the roster with the others

"I hope we can in our first match against Hidetatsukan attack from the onset; Tsutomu-kun came up with this playing order since he's pretty good at it...
"That's true," comments Meat bun.
"I have no problem with it," says Kana.
"Ah..." says Tsubuka.  "Then, I'll just go hand it to the overseers."
"Thank-Thank you," says Taichi, a bit surprised.

Just as Meat bun is feeling apologetic for comparing him to Hiro-kun, he notices Tsubuka changing the roster behind everyone's back.  He calls him on it.
"Tsubuka-kouhai?" Meat bun asks, putting a steady hand on his shoulder.  Tsubuka flinches.  He takes the roster and sees that Tsubuka has scratched out Tsutomu's name and put his own in slot #4.
"HAAAH?  What the hell do you think you're doing--that's completely outrageous don't you think?" Meat bun demands.  "You actually changed the roster!"  The other team members notice.
"What?" asks Kana.
"If you have a problem with the playing order, then voice your opinion!"  Tsubuka trembles.
"Be-beacuase when I played Tsutomu-senpai I once lost by only three cards!  In terms of competitive power, I've already caught up!" he shouts.

Taichi smacks him on the forehead with a firm hand.  (TN: Go, Taichi!!)

"Cool your head," he says calmly.  Everyone is silent.  "If you can't do that, then go home."
Tsutomu considers Tsubuka's situation and what he told his little brothers for a moment, and then announces, "Let's redo the roster, then!"  Everyone is shocked.  "In our first match against Hidetatsukan, let someone else...take my place...."
"Hanano Sumire!" he calls out.
"Hah?" asks Sumire, still checking herself out in her compact.

What!? everyone thinks in shock.

"Then in the second match against Nishitaka," he continues, "let Tsubuka-kun take Kana's place.  Just then, I actually went over to take a look and their game timing is still the same as last year."  (TN:  In the Chinese version, he says "比賽時機" which means exactly that, but I'm not sure what it means in terms of the match or why that's beneficial...)

"If we go by their roster last year, they take no prisoners when it comes to challenging men, but they're rather accommodating to girls (because they're an all boys high school)."
"Wh-when you put it that way..." begins Kana.
"Putting 3 girls in the center of the row would be a more brilliant plan," he states.
"This year, Nishitaka formulates their game plan around core female players...they also do rallying shouts during competitive matches; that sort of serious competitor doesn't change, right?"  He turns to Tsubuka.
"Tsubuka-kohai, open your eyes wider for moment."  Tsubuka does his signature creepy look.
"Like--Like this?"
"That's it, that's the look," Tsutomu says, grabbing him by the shoulders.  "As long as you use this expression during the match, you're sure to win.... Being loud can also become your weapon.  (Don't stick your tongue out.)"
Tsutomu lets go and Tsubuka notices a few tears fall before he turns around, his back facing the others.  "Aside from us, the other three will have to compete in every match.  Meat bun-kun, Mashima, Ayase...we're depending on you."

Cut scene:  And so it begins.

As Chihaya plays seriously, everyone is watching in awe, especially Tsubuka and his brothers, who think she's dazzling.  To the side, Tsubuka asks Tsutomu a question.
"Why...Why did you want to give me a chance?  Even after I did something so disgraceful...."
"Sh!  You're too loud!" says Tsutomu.

He thinks back to his first competition with the club and how he wanted to leave early if he wasn't going to be of use.
"Because...I was the same.  Once, I was also give a chance....
"Don't be impatient, Tsubuka-kouhai, you will quickly become strong...don't worry!  You have the attitude and the innate ability...don't worry."

At Tsutomu's words, Tsubuka begins to tear up.  In the background, the three brothers are admiring Tsutomu and declare him to be dazzling.

Cut scene: Sumire is about to have a heart attack in mid-match

Why the heck am I competing??  I didn't hear the reason.  I certainly don't want any 'opportunities.'  As the reader recites the next card, Sumire is looking around wildly for the card she's supposed to take.  Her opponent points it out for her.
Oh, right!
She looks up at her opponent in confusion.  He blushes and smiles as he whispers, "It's so good that you got that one."

Next, the "hanano" card is read.
Oh, it's this one! she thinks as she takes her own signature card.  Her opponent's hand touches the top of hers.
He blushes and laughs shyly, "Oh, I touched you."  Sumire is getting a little weirded out.

She glances over at Chihaya's opponent, who looks like he's having the shock of his life.
"He's lost by 25 cards!" someone in the crowd says in awe.
"Total annihilation!" exclaims another.  The player bangs the tatami in frustration at his loss and curses.

Chihaya-senpai...doesn't even give the chance for her opponent to touch her....It's not simply because she's a woman that she has the advantage.   (Chihaya's being assessed as a man.)

Sumire turns to her own cards.

Remember it!  Remember it!  Remember it!  she wills herself to try and memorize the positioning.
I remember all of the upper verses.  Concentrate, concentrate!  And turn it into action!  Need to be fast! My brain...the portions I've never used before...  Let the blood in my veins flow to those regions!  Next time, I'll be faster!

She remembers Chihaya's words.  "Over time you will become faster and faster, you'll want to take them!  Sumire!"

Even though I deny it, it really has come to this.

But she lost anyway...

"All right!  Mizusawa High's first victory!" cries out Chihaya at the end of the match.

Caption: Onward, Mizusawa High School Karuta Club!

---End Chapter---


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  2. You're welcome! I actually like to unwind with Chihayafuru; if it wasn't for work, I'd do a summary everyday! But, alas, I cannot :-( So many exciting things are happening in volume 10 but I have no time to translate!! I think 2x a week is pretty much average output for me, but I'm so glad you're enjoying them, Pham!

    1. WORK SUCKS!! lol I can totally relate

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    1. I think i can answer this question: as of volume 10 that's really up in the air right now-- so in volume 10 we still don't really know :-) Since Taichi and Chihaya are competing with the team there are some Taichi x Chihaya moments and Arata is an afterthought really; but there are cute "Chiharata" interactions in vol 11. Be warned tho, I think it's safe to say the blogger is a closet "Chiharata" fan...

    2. Wah~ I actually wish I'm a Chihaya x Arata fan since... unfortunately for Taichi... I actually find it more likely that Chihaya would end up with Arata D:

      But! Since nothing's for certain yet, I'll continue to root for Taichi! It might turn out like FuruBa after all. I never thought Tohru would actually end up with Kyo!

    3. Ah, I know right?! I cried (on the inside; after the age of 25 I think women don't openly cry) when Tohru ended up with Kyo!! I wanted it so badly to be Yuki! I still have a little Yuki mouse on my shelf to remind me how he ended up with some no-name girl...aaaah....YUKI~~~!

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    1. ^_^ You're welcome. I'm glad people are at least understanding me. I want to convey the manga in the best light. I try to link the manga with the translation whenever I can.

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