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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chihayafuru Discussion: No Season 2....

TN: Well, since seiyuu Mamoru Miyano and the others have been working on different projects for release in 2012, I think it's safe to say that there won't be a Season 2 of Chihayafuru anytime soon (-_-;) 

BUT, Hosoya Yoshimasa has been lending his talent to Inu tou Boku Secret Service (InuxBokuSS) as the cotton fabric demon Renshou Sorinozuka (which, IMO is kind of a waste for that lovely, deep voice even tho he does have these very dead pan one liners that totally crack me up).  Generally, a true rendition of Cocoa Fujiwara's manga that stretches the plot out but definitely worth watching if you're a fan of the series for that same reason.  (P.s. I'd add the disclaimer that the material, risqué themes and artwork are suitable for ages 15+)

So, getting back to Chihayafuru, we are now, finally, back into competition season and volume 10.  Taichi, Chihaya and Arata are all advancing, but at their own pace and not a whole lot of progressive interaction among these three through volume 11.  The competitions are intense and the emphasis is on the teams.  I have not yet opened my volume 12 - 13 sitting on my table so don't tell me what happens!  ^_^  

Obviously, I've been busy stitching, but at this point I'm at standstill regarding the hakama.  Purchase one for $65US to save myself from the aggravation of sewing and ironing all those folds, or make one for $35US. (the upper portion gi/kimono is relatively easy -- go to The Cosplay Chronicles if you're remotely interested)

I'm thinking "buy" but, alas, my wallet is looking awfully slim this month <what the heck did I buy??>  ....  :-(

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Song:YOUTHFUL by 99RadioService (Anime'Chihayafuru' OP).
English Transration of song : minacchi(

I found this really great AMV with the full version of 99 RadioService's opening theme song "Youthful."  Below is a link to the full version of the "main theme" I keep talking about.  REALLY beautiful.

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Chihayafuru Original Soundtrack - Track 7: Chihayafuru Main Theme

From: Chihayafuru
Artist: Kosuke Yamashita


  1. Thank you for the videos! I could watch these all afternoon! I sincerely hope that the anime gets a second season eventually as this is something that I felt was stronger to watch rather than to read. I will, however, be purchasing the manga soon in hopes of it continuing the story past Episode 25! What a ridiculous place to stop in the story!

    1. Yes, we are up through Volume 12 in this blog, while others are up to Volume 17. I think episode 25 didn't even come close to that! (none of the new team members had been introduced at that point) so definitely, I want to say my purchasing the Chinese Raws has definitely gotten my interest piqued in this series, moreso than the anime did! :-D

  2. As posted by Anonymous in comments related to Chapter 66, a second season might be in the works as we speak! So we'll hold our breaths until then! Also, according to the rumor mill, the manga may be translated into English!! (please go back to the comments section on Chapter 66 for more details)