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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What can you show in 25 episodes?

Thinking back how Chihayafuru is slotted for 25 episodes, and how closely the manga is being followed by the anime, at this rate, the Anime won't be complete!!  The series is ongoing, which is why I never really liked anime that are only shallow imitations of the manga.  I stopped collecting anime that was, in my opinion, "half-assed."  It wasn't like this before.  It was actually the opposite.  (spoiler: I'm about to age myself...)

When Rurouni Kenshin came out it was so awesome.  But towards the end there was so much filler in the series that it became boring.  They were waiting for the manga to finish.  But there were also "complete" anime like Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, Escaflowne.

Only big named manga nowadays get a lot of press and a lot of screen time. That's how it is with Bleach and Naruto, two big named manga (which are, btw very boring recently).  To some degree, Shoji Gatou's Full Metal Panic did get three series, but that was before the economy tanked.  I'm wondering if the last books will ever become anime.

But for little series like this, the norm now is just to leave things open ended with little to no filler.  It was like that with Furuba (Fruits Basket), Gakuen Alice, Ouran High School Host club (that was a strange ending), Library Wars, Claymore, Sacred Blacksmith, Moribito, Wallflower.

The one redeeming quality is that this anime is done by Studio Madhouse, and I have never regretted buying anything produced by them.  If the anime is quality, I will still buy it if I'm attached to it and there I've contributed to the promotion of the industry in the US.  The only anime I've ever regretted buying was Furuba.  But I cherish my purchases of Claymore, Moribito, Ouran, Gakuen Alice and Mushishi.

So here's to Chiharata!  Here's to hoping the ending of Chihayafuru doesn't suck!!

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