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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OMG!! Arata makes my cheeks flush and my heart beat strongly...

Oh, if I were to choose between Arata and Taichi, it would be like choosing dark versus white chocolate, deep voiced smexy Yoshimasa Hosoya versus sweet voiced angel Miyano difficult~! <3 <3

You have to understand that I've been a follower of Miyano Mamoru since Ouran High School Host club.  Maybe even since Kingdom Heart's Riku.  I listen to his "Wonder" album on my iPod on my way to work every day!!  This is a really tough choice!

BUT, when comparing the character with the fluffy hair versus the dark shiny, I prefer the latter.  I'm not usually a megane fan, but combined with dark, shiny hair, it works!  AND there are such cute moments of Arata in volume 5!  I will write about it soon.  I really HOPE...really really, that Chihaya ends up with Arata!!  I'm gonna smack my head against the wall if that doesn't happen...

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