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Friday, January 27, 2012

Chihayafuru Manga Synopsis: Vol. 7.7 (BONUS)

TN: Ok, now that I've vented about how awful the last two chapters were (really felt just like filler)-- nothing gained/nothing lost, kind of like episode 16....(There are only 25 episodes, people!  Why are you wasting precious cels and resources on FILLER??)  Let's end vol. 7 on a high note.

(click here to see, read from right to left)

Panel 1:
Caption: Actually, when the store manager isn't around...Arata will sneak a peak at the porn section.  -__-;
Arata, blushing and closing his eyes: "Ah!  What a shocking photograph!"
The manager (who didn't actually leave): "Heh, I thought so, Arata!"

Panel 2:
From a long time ago, Chitose and Chihaya had made a very, VERY important promise...
Chitose: "Chihaya, I'm going to give this to you, since it's so last season I'm not wearing it anymore...besides I already bought new clothes."
Chihaya: "Oh, thank you!  Sis, I also bought new clothes!  It'!"  (She shows off her new Daddy Bear outfit)
Chitose (grimacing): "...That's not bad...if you only wear it at home..."
Caption: The sisters' loving promise to one another -- Unless it's something Chitose gave to you, DO NOT leave the house wearing any other clothes.

(TN: This is why Chihaya is always so well dressed when she is not in uniform.)



  1. it's always the quiet ones...heh

  2. Heh, yeah. I really wish the mangaka would let us into Arata's head a little more. We only get to see Taichi and those around Chihaya; in my recent chapter translation, she's even fleshed out Shinobu and Suoh-san's personalities. It sucks that I know more about their personalities than I do about Arata's personality now. Is he still that honest, upright and hard working person he was when he was a kid? Does he only obsess over karuta? What is he thinking when he's working? Does he ever think about Chihaya romantically? Does he even think of her at all? (Well, we know he remembers her birthday, anyway....)

    The fact that we never see into Arata's mind makes it very difficult to continue shipping "Chiharata." And, I was thinking about it a bit today, but it makes it very difficult to write a fanfic about him. That's probably why there are none so far...

  3. I agree with you on this point. But I still adore him.