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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reading up through vol. 8 -- More Arata and Taichi

So I'm reading ahead and thinking to myself...there are more people being introduced.  There are some tense Taichi vs. Arata moments, and some really wonderful "Chiharata" moments.... This is still a really good manga.

Even so, it's so hard for Arata and Chihaya to see one another and even talk for very long....The mangaka is doing it on purpose!  It's like the story of the ox herder and the star maiden...

But it feels like...Taichi sees Arata as his rival, but he's also like the trying to be the benevolent friend who's supporting both his friends...?  I think he knows how Arata and Chihaya feel about one another, even if they don't yet -- or at least he understands where it could possibly go between those two.  I feel as though he's not so much "giving way" as "playing fair."  He's certainly not giving up, not when he realizes how he himself feels (finally...). AND it looks like he might make a move soon...

But my head hurts now and I don't know if I can properly translate volume 7 or 8 for you all because the scans are so horrible!!  I have to squint to see the words on some pages!  It's like it was scanned with one hand while blindfolded or something....

I might have to go out and find a bookstore where I can find these darn volumes myself!  I'm going to go blind reading these scans!

UPDATE (1/16): So went round trip 60 miles to the nearest Chinese bookstore I know, and they didn't have it!!  They had a lot of other stuff, but I can't be distracted!!

Then I checked (again), and lo and behold, 2 months after my first inquiry they now have stuff in stock.  So, next update will be when I get the shipment!  (I think it ships from Hong Kong)  I also bought the Japanese latest soundtrack/character album on a whim...hehehe, I need stuff to listen to when I translate.  That's my excuse.

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