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Saturday, August 22, 2015

When I grow up...

I did some doodling this week to get my mind off of work.  Sometimes my clients...I can't even.... "Why don't people do what I want!  Fix it!" LOL, sure, as soon as my hypnotism license and my gun license come through, I'll get right on that.... X__X

A lot of the Tales Series characters are younger, smaller.  While I don't appreciate ships that involve underaged children (>_<) I often wonder what characters like Anise (Tales of the Abyss), Karol (Tales of Vesperia), Presa (Tales of Symphonia -- though technically she's mentally an adult) and Elize (Tales of Xillia 1, 2) would be like if they grew up.  I admire characters who went through a lot when young, but find their own paths and become awesome in their own right.  They embody the human struggle to become more than what we are.  I get so attached to these JRPG characters, lol, probably because I spend 60 -90 hours of gameplay with them.

This is a simple drawing of what I think Elize would look like by the time she turns 18.  It's a side-by-side comparison of her other incarnations in Xillia 1 (the shy test subject from Labari Hollow) and Xillia 2 (the cheerful schoolgirl who has made lots of friends).  Elize is the only Tales character I can think of where the players are allowed to see her evolution.  The adult version will include her little doll since Teepo will always be a part of her persona. ^__^ v  Her clothes are a mix of Kanbalar and Sharilton, and I used colors from the other two palettes to demonstrate her adult character is a blend of who she was before.  The emblem on her dress is inspired from Gaius' banner ^_^.


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