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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lyrics to that catchy opening theme: Youthful - by 99RadioService

TN: Here are the lyrics to that super catchy opening theme.  The lyrics really fit the story, don't they?  I wonder if that's a coincidence...and he actually uses the phrase "chihayafuru" in the lyrics! I love that part.

Chihayafuru Opening Song
Transliterated by: minacchi
Translated by: minacchi

帰り道は過ぎていく、 少し風が吹いている、 たわいない会話妙に楽しくて
(kaerimichi wa sugiteiku, sukoshi kaze ga fuiteiru, tawainai kaiwa myou ni tanoshikute)
The road home is passing us by; a slight breeze is blowing. Our nonsensical conversations are strangely enjoyable.

気づいてしまって冗談まじりかき消した、 それぞれの歩く道は別々と
(kizuiteshimatte joudan majiri kakikeshita, sorezore no aruku michi wa betsubetsu to)
Regrettably, when I became aware of it, the jokes mixed in with our conversations have suddenly stopped, and each of the roads that we are taking is heading into separate directions.

(ano toki egaita yume de afureta aojashin to mata chigau ashita demo ii sa)
A tomorrow that’s different from the blueprint that’s overflowing with the dream I painted back at that time would be alright.

今はちはやふる想い胸に抱いて、 目指した先に何があるんだ?
(ima wa chihayafuru omoi mune ni daite, mezashita saki ni nani ga arunda?)
Right now, I hold these intense feelings tightly in my heart. What am I going to find in the destination that I’m aiming for?

今なら掴めそうで、 手を伸ばしてみる、 夢の途中きっといつかまた会えるだろう
(ima nara tsukamesou de, te wo nobashitemiru, yume no tochuu kitto itsuka mata aeru darou)
If it’s right now, I feel that I’ll be able to get hold of it; I’ll try reaching my hand out. Along the way to my dream, we'll meet again someday for sure.

夕闇に照らされて 逃げる様に過ぎてった恥ずかしいくらいに まっすぐな日々
(yuuyami ni terasarete nigeru you ni sugitetta hazukashii kurai ni massugu na hibi)
Illuminated by twilight, like they're escaping, those days that headed straight forward passed by quickly as if embarrassed.

今でも変わらない僕ら待ち合わせたあの場所、 君はまだ覚えてるのかな?
(ima demo kawaranai bokura machiawaseta ano basho, kimi wa mada oboeteru no kana?)
That place where we always met up hasn’t changed even until now. I wonder if you still remember it?

いつも目には映らないことが大切で、 君と僕もつながってるんだ
(itsumo me ni wa utsuranai koto ga taisetsu de, kimi to boku mo tsunagatterunda)
The things that aren't always reflected in the eyes are also important. You and I are connected.

茜の色に染まる影は伸びてゆく、 夢の途中きっといつかまた会えればいい
(akane no iro ni somaru kage wa nobiteyuku, yume no tochuu kitto itsuka mata aereba ii)
The shadow dyed with a deep red color is spreading. Along the way to my dream, it would be nice if we definitely meet again someday.

それでも今は笑える、 いつでも息をしている、 どんな僕でもここにいるから
(soredemo ima wa waraeru, itsudemo iki wo shiteiru, donna boku demo koko ni iru kara)
Even so, I'm smiling right now. At every moment, I'm breathing. No matter how I am, I'll be right here.

今も ちはやふる想い 胸に抱いた、 それが若さと笑いたきゃ笑えばいい
(ima mo chihayafuru omoi mune ni daita, sore ga wakasa to waraitakya waraeba ii)
Even now, I held these intense feelings tightly in my heart. That is youth, and it's alright to just laugh if you should want to.

僕は君がいるから 走り続けてる、 君は言うだろう 「きっとそれは僕も同じだ」 と
(boku wa kimi ga iru kara hashiri tsuzuketeru, kimi wa iu darou "kitto sore wa boku mo onaji da" to)
Because you're there, I continue to run. You said so, right? "For sure, it's the same for me."

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