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Monday, February 6, 2012

Chihayafuru Ending theme: Soshite, Ima wa - Is it or isn't it a love song?

TN: I was surfing the web this morning and came across these song lyrics for Chihaya's character song, Soshite, Ima wa, which is also the end theme to the anime.  It's actually sung by the seiyuu who plays Chihaya.  When you read the lyrics, it's kind of obvious whom she's singing of.  But that makes me wonder, in only 25 episodes of the anime, are they going to make up an ending? (i.e. Furuba, Gakuen Alice) Or is there going to be a second season?  Or, are they going to pair up whom they think to be the most obvious couple with the mangaka's consent (i.e. Ouran High School Host Club)?  Things to ponder....

Transliterated by 殺戮天使
Translated by animeyay

Description: Ending Theme

Written, Composed and Arranged by Shinitani Yutaka
Performed by Seto Asami

Original / Romaji Lyrics
English Translation
yuku atenai machi  hitori saki wo aruku
yuuhi ni terasareta  ushinai sou na kokoro
I wander alone aimlessly in the street.
Shone by the setting sun, 
I feel as if I'm about to lose my heart.

kawatte yuku nante  omoi mo shinakatta
kimi to kasaneta yume  itsunomani
chigau hou e to aruitetanda ne
I never even though that things would gradually change.
Before we could notice, our originally similar dreams
had started diverging onto different paths.

soshite ima  futari wa
toosugiru sekai  mitsumete
soshite ima  hora hibiku yo
kimi ga oshiete kureta uta  kono sora ni
And now, the two of us
are gazing at each's distant world.
And now, in the sky,
the song you taught me will resound.

seiza shite narande  minna de totta shashin
kokoro ni yobikakeru  natsukashii egao
In our picture where everyone sat together,
those nostalgic smiles are now calling out to me.

tooku hanaretete mo  onaji yume no mirai
tsunagatteru yo ne  shinjiteru
chikaiatta yakusoku no basho
Even if we are far apart, I have faith that
our futures, originating from the same dream, 
will be connected.
We have made a vow to each other to meet 
at the promised place someday.

soshite ima  futari wa
sorezore no michi wo  mitsumete
soshite ima  mata utau yo
futatsu no omoi ga  meguriau  sono hi made
And now, the two of us
are gazing at each's separate path.
And now, I will sing again,
until the day when our thoughts will be reunited.

mayoi nagara mo
yume no iro kasaneru
kimi wo omou kara koso
tsuyoku nareru yo
Even when I'm at a loss,
I will gather and mix the colors of my dream.
Precisely because I'm thinking about you,
I will be able to become stronger.
I definitely
will not let it end.

soshite ima  watashi wa
kimi ni tsuzuku sora  miagete
soshite ima  mata utau yo
doko ni itatte  todoku hazu da ne
And now, I look up
at the sky that leads to you.
And now, I will sing again,
and my song will reach you 
no matter where you are.

soshite ima  futari wa
kagayaku ashita wo  mitsumete
soshite ima  hora hibiku yo
kimi ga oshiete kureta uta  kono sora ni
And now, the two of us
are gazing at our radiant tomorrow.
And now, in the sky,
the song you taught me will resound.


  1. I think it will have a open ending. -le sigh-
    I'm passing by. Thank you (thank you, thank you) for your hard work. I was dying to know at least a little of what was going on with Chihayafuru. A picture is worth a thousand words doesn't work with this manga.
    And you're a Chihayarata too! <333
    I hope those two end together. Not the queen, not the neighbor -__- (and i'm more scared of the last one).

    Thank you again!

    1. You're welcome! :-D I really like this manga, so that makes a huge difference in whether I want to devote to a project or not.

      I know what you mean with a "picture worth a thousand words." This manga is more like "a thousand words" per picture sometimes... -_-; And sometimes, stuff is just so difficult to translate -- especially names! I appreciate it whenever anyone can help me out and give me a clue. I think the Chinese translation is pretty much spot on in terms of what's going on, but there are times I feel that something might be lost in translation, too. At least a synopsis helps the rest of us figure out where the manga is headed generally, and we can catch tidbits of our favorite shipping couple/s.

      I'm a Chihayarata/Chiharata shipper and have been since the beginning. It's just that we keep getting these subtle hints i.e. she has that same strange attraction to Arata's shirt (she's always grabbing it whenever she sees him!!) as she does with the "chihayafuru" card, Arata is the first character we see her interacting with in the manga, Arata's picture is the second picture to be published on the cover, Arata's picture is second to Chihaya's on every intro page (regardless of whether he plays an active role in the volume or not) and then I read the lyrics to her character song and think, "She's in love, isn't she..?"

      OK, my points are kind of random, but I hope these two end up together. He's a good looking guy too, so I'm not surprised that other girls would be interested. I'm hoping the mangaka wants to just mix it up a bit, and isn't seriously thinking of pairing Arata with XXX girl. If that should happen, I would be banging my head/screaming into pillows all day long...

    2. I would like that Chihaya and Taichi, at the end be together. she sees Arata as a god, not as a man; Taichi understands her, take care of her. Sorry for my english. Fuck yeah!! soy una Chihaichi... o una Taichihaya..

  2. I love "soshite ima" I want to think it's a love song from Chihaya to Arata. The melody is so soft and tender...and tells you about someone who is longing (and loving?) a person who is far away (at least I think so).

    Thanks for the lyrics. I'm going to search all chihayafuru songs.

    1. right? i want to think so too! there's something beyond platonic about her attachment to him. too bad we dont know where his attachment lies :-(

    2. Surprisingly the lyrics to the opening theme fit this anime very well too. And it's so catchy!