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Friday, October 16, 2015

Doodling my way to Zestiria....

Ugh, for once I have to work on a weekend.  But before I do that, I wanted to complete a little project of mine.

I've been working on this since I tried to put Princessia in the Snow behind me.  It seems this mega fangirl mood won't leave me.  I'm obsessed with all the possibilities of Elize's life as a grown up.  What started out as a series of doodles became a full on short fancomic: slice of life + Elize Lutus, my favorite Xillia/Xillia2 character = magic and rainbows. ^_^v

Aaaaand, if my dorkiness wasn't enough here, I've actually put it into a compilation with a soundtrack on my YouTube channel.  (Because Shimokawa Mikuni is awesome, and I really like the lyrics to Karenai Hana.)  I found the music appropriate for a girl who has come of age and found her path, which is essentially the theme to almost every fiction I've written. :-p

If you're an amateur music video enthusiast, go ahead and watch the movie:
Cover Page

Read the pages in traditional manga style, from upper right corner to bottom left.
Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13

Okay, now I feel like I've contributed enough to the Xillia fandom.  I need a confessional for Xillia fanatics...I'm such a dork for fangirling over my own head cannon... (Just in case it wasn't clear....)


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