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Thursday, January 22, 2015

So... are you guys still reading this blog...?

Goodness, someone just PM'd me about my blog....

And I was like, huh, what blog?  Then I remembered, "Oh THAT blog!"  (Cue in opening 10 seconds of Fergie's London Bridge here)

I'm sorry.  There is one more chapter to this manga volume of Chihayafuru that I didn't get to.  I seriously meant to get to it.  My dog passed away in mid 2013 and I was pretty despondent after that since I had him for 10 years, about the same amount of time I spent at the job I was seriously starting to hate.   And then I said "F* this!" and quit my job 12/2013 and started a new one 1/2014, which I am still  thankfully at.  

And I totally forgot about Chihayafuru.  I didn't even bother watching the 2nd season on Crunchyroll.  I thought of her from time to time driving to/from work, and wondered who was winning in the Arata vs. Taichi war.  But I just had no TIME to return to karuta TT__TT.  FORGIVE ME, CHIHAYA!!!

As the new girl on the block at the new job, I had to put in my hours, walk the gauntlet, "take one for the team" and so finally, in 2015, my life has stabilized again (I think; crossing fingers.  Be gentle with me, bosses!). 

So, as I wait for the release of Tales of Zestiria in the US I find myself writing more Tales of fiction (surprise, surprise) and finishing up Tales of Xillia2. (Le gasp! Will Ludger save Elle in time?  Is Elle actually... his DAUGHTER in a weird Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon sort of way?  Eh. Who knew?)

And here come my shameless plugs in honor of the 20th Anniversary of the "Tales of" series:

What became of Elize from Tales of Xillia when she grew up:

Why Pascal from Tales of Graces eventually decided to take baths:

Fluffy Yuri/Estelle adventure with all the gang from Tales of Vesperia:

My dream summer trip:



  1. I'm glad you're alive!!! You're the only one who has summeries for the chapter that aren't up :/ Which is sadness. I have no idea why no scantalting group has decided to do the missing chapters. I for one, like reading manga more than seeing the adaptations'; and I'm sure a lot of other people do to!!!! SOMEONE HOP TO IT!!!! *end rant*

    ANYWAYS, I'm glad you at least updated on where you've been lol
    Hopefully this year is tonssssss better than 2013/2014

  2. im glad you're finally settling in at your new company, and im so thankful that you decided to upload another translation. i really really hope you'll do up to ch 87 >.<

    1. Is chapter 87 where the manga translations pick up again?

    2. Yes, 87 is where the manga translatations pick up again! is a place where they lay out what hasn't been translated yet

    3. Oh, ok. So I guess I have till chapter 87 to go....hahaha. I don't mind plugging them in as long as you guys don't mind they will be rather irregular in timing. ^_^v

    4. Hi Keroberus Reed,
      How are you? I'm brazilian and some friends of mine and I are thinking about translating chihayafuru to portuguese and also completing the gap in english... Could we use your translation on this blog as base? we have only one japanese speakers and this would help a lot..
      Thank you,

    5. Sure, I don't mind at all. There are a few translations where someone has pointed out I missed a little panel here/there. But other than that, you can use these Chinese translations of mine. The caveat is that my translations are only as good as the TongLi Publishing translator and like I've said before, some of the Japanese puns may have been lost in translation, or substituted with Taiwanese jokes/puns. That aside, the story should still be accurate. Good luck!