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Thursday, January 3, 2013



Because I'm too cheap to subscribe myself...

But, this came as a surprise to me anyway.  Definitely blogworthy.  Sumire and Tsubuku will be joining the main cast in season two.  If they've announced it that means it probably wont get started until later this year, and we can hope for a complete season two in 2014-15 but that's OK!  I can live with that.

So, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.  My personal problems pretty much resolved themselves and I've taken on some other real life projects that have prevented me from coming back to this blog.  SIGH, sorry! TT__TT  I missed it too.

SO MANY things in real life have happened.  Remember that lazy princess on my team at work?  She (finally) left and got a job somewhere else, thinking it would be better.  (I dun know how much "better" she wanted it since she was dubbed "the princess" at our company) .  My boss acted as though his own child had attempted to kill him, and has declared she is dead to him (very melodramatic for my boss who is usually stoic).  Funny thing about karma, though, 'cause this is the only thing I can call it, is that her new job isn't working out (le gasp, they actually found out she is incompetent?) and she's begging for her old job back.  Who needs movies when life has an abundance of comedy and drama?  Thankfully, we have all counseled him that it would be unwise and would cause a revolt, and he has heeded our words.  I don't usually wallow in the misfortune of others, but for reasons you have read in my earlier blogs, you know I got a small, tiny, chiisana no bit of satisfaction in the way its turned out.

The turn of events has led me to continue working my way up though, as every working girl aspires to do, and so I've taken on more activities at work that prevent me from coming back here that often.  I'm also planning a World Domination Tour with a few colleagues to garner more business for our team and so thinking up presentations has been preoccupying my time.  I have a bit of travel lined up for me.  Hehe, nothing wrong with flying business/first class, is there?  The company can expense it!!  :-P

(It also doesn't help that my boss gave me a new iPhone and I've taken up a new hobbies of group texting, watching Downton Abbey on Netflix, watching Crunchyroll with my friends' free passes...)

So there you have it, my life in a nutshell since September.  I did, however, purchase the next volume of Chihayafuru.  I don't know when I can get to it.  TT__TT  But I think I have one more chapter in this current volume to go.  I think I should at least do that.

Mata ne,


  1. Chelsie1294:
    Hey kero-chan, I see things have been going well for you! Also glad to know that the lazy woman got what she deserved.

    Also Kero-chan I am pleased to tell you that chihayafuru season 2 is actually out next week on Friday!!! Whoo so excited!

  2. Hi kero chan, nice to see that you are back, and yeah second season begins the 11th!!! WOOOOOPIE!! alot of us are really excited!! :)

  3. Yay! Nice to see that your back. And I understand your dismay with Downtown Abby. It's so wonderful and addicting! I just found out that the BBC did "The Tenant of Wildefell Hall" which is one of my favorite books ever, so I am having a difficult time keeping myself from marathoning it all at once.

    I saw the first episode on season 2 on Crunchyroll and AKDFJDOILJ. It had better be awesome or I swear!

    Thanks so much for the translation.

  4. Please continue writing when you can! We are anxiously awaiting your next post. :)