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Monday, July 23, 2012

In other Chihayafuru news....

As you know, Chihayafuru has been approved for a second season recently, but did you know that short stories about Chihaya's middle school days will also be published??  There was never a time I wanted to learn how to read Japanese more...hahahaha.  The following was posted on Anime News Network (ANN) recently at:

Chihayafuru Manga Gets 1st Text Short Story Collection

posted on 2012-07-22 21:15 EDT
Omnibus set in Chihaya's middle school days by Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! novelist

Chihayafuru, Yuki Suetsugu's award-winning manga about a schoolgirl competing in the Japanese card game of karuta, will get its first text short story collection on September 13. The omnibus collection will tell brand-new stories from the middle-school days of the heroine Chihaya; the story setup for the original manga begins in elementary school, but most of the story in the manga — and its anime adaptation — is actually set during Chihaya's high school years.

The text stories will be told from various points of views, including those of Chihaya herself, her childhood friend Taichi, and Arata (the transfer student who eventually has an huge impact on Chihaya's life). Novelist Yui Tokiumi is writing the upcoming Shōsetsu Chihayafuru: Chūgakusei-hen 1 book. Tokiumi previously adapted Waki Yamato's manga interpretation of The Tale of Genji, KOEI's Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 4 game, and Gō Ikeyamada's Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! manga.
Chihayafuru won the second Manga Taisho (Cartoon Grand Prize) in 2009. The manga also won the shōjo manga category in last year's Kodansha Manga Awards, and topped the female category of Takarajimasha's Kono Manga ga Sugoi! book listings the year before.

The manga inspired a 25-episode television anime season from October 2011 to March 2012, and the publisher Kodansha revealed last month that there will be a new anime season. Crunchyroll streamed the first season into several countries as it aired in Japan.
Source: Mainichi Shimbun's Mantan Web



  1. This looks interesting! This makes me wonder if they will continue the other volumes of Chihayafuru, I mean I bet they will but you know; I'm tired and I can't think straight right now so yeah...I bet you they will though and have nothing to worry about right? Also, thsnks for posting this kero-chan, so glad to know that your still alive. As for the other chihayafuru volumes you can go to manhua or 8comics website to translate I mean they have volumes 14-to the current chapter. Also please don't stop translating! it's hard but you have no idea how helpful this is to the fans that want spoilers or to just see whats going on! Gambatte kero-chan!

  2. Right?? I thought it was so interesting, it just means the fandom is reflecting the demand for it. They wouldn't make it if they couldn't bank on it, is what I always say. So, it must also be gaining some momentum in Japan, if its English speaking fan membership is also decent sized. I'm not saying it's like Naruto and will have multiple movies, but for them to OK a 2nd season and let out novels is really interesting.

    I'll keep the fandom in mind, CP, when I finish this volume. Everyone has been awesome and supportive and really, true fans of the work. It's so awesome discussing this manga and the relationships in it with everyone. If I put it down, I might pick it up again, you never know. Keep optimistic!! ^_^

  3. Yeah, when I read the news it woke me up a bit, I mean we soon will get to know what happened to the trio during middle school! When episode 3 came out is when I checked out the anime and manga, when I read the chapter where Chihaya gets to be class A; they mentioned Chihaya's middle school days a few times and I was just so curious on what happened, so i'm glad that soon we will know!

    I can imagine, I mean talking about something you like is always fun, more so when other people (and from different places and states no less) share the interests! Also when you're tired you don't tend to be the most peppiest (omg...did I really use the word peppy? Man, am I that tired?!) or positive person...i'm sure you have been tired to the point where your not the happiest, energetic person alive right kero-chan? Anyways looking forward to the next chapter summary, things are getting good between the club team-mates, and Arata...*sigh* I know it already happened but just-- why? WHY?! he was being an air-headed, adorkable, sweetheart for helping shoji's team but he almost was kicked out from the individual tournament if Shinobu didn't save him...just *big sigh*...why? he could be watching the Mizusawa team if he didn't run into shoji and gave in...well i'm done releasing my frustration on the megane hottie, he is being punished already he doesn't need my frustrated fan-girl emotions right?

    PS: so sorry its long i'm THAT tired -_-'

  4. Yup, all my discussions with the fans really were in depth serious discussions out of the blue. Imagine a girl/guy calling out "Chihaya! Hey, Chihaya!" and then you turn around and find some random person beaming at you and wanting to converse about an anime they love b/c they know you'd listen. It was kinda like that...

  5. Awesome, I had no idea they were gonna do this. The 2nd season started a while ago so i was really happy I would get to see it. This makes it even better. Great news.